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Welcome to electrostickers.ch!

We emerged from the convergence of technical expertise and a commercial vision. At electrostickers.ch, we recognized an opportunity in the solar energy world. As specialists in photovoltaics, we identified a crucial need: reliable technical stickers that comply with the current NIBT2020 standards and are accessible to all professionals in the sector.

Thus, our company was born, the result of collaboration between a passionate technical specialist and a sales professional. Our goal is simple: to provide superior quality technical stickers at attractive prices.

Who We Are

At electrostickers.ch, our ambition doesn’t stop there. We aim to set a standard, to become the benchmark for technical stickers in the photovoltaic field. To achieve this, we intend to work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure uniformity in the stickers used, in terms of both design and placement, in compliance with standards and certifications.

We strongly believe in an approach where quality, accessibility, and compliance go hand in hand. Electrostickers.ch positions itself as an essential partner for all professionals in the photovoltaic sector, combining technical expertise and commercial excellence to meet the specific needs of your business.

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