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We offer a wide range of technical stickers for the photovoltaic sector, including stickers for solar panels, cables, safety equipment, and more. We have all the stickers that comply with the NIBT, but also the stickers offered by the various players in the sector, in particular Swissolar.

All our stickers strictly comply with the NIBT standards and certifications in force in the photovoltaic sector. We have had them approved by various photovoltaic installation inspectors.

Yes, we offer a customization service. To do this, contact us by email or telephone to discuss your design and functionality needs. We will then send you our best offer as soon as possible.

Our stickers have been tested and approved by professionals in the photovoltaic field. They are perfectly UV resistant. They are also weather resistant if placed on a smooth surface, according to the application recommendations of electrostickers.ch.

We accept credit card and invoice payments. For large invoice orders, prepayment is required for new customers.

Shipping costs are always free for deliveries within Switzerland.

We need a sketch of your logo, the vector format of the logo, the font and color of the text, the dimensions, and any other relevant remarks.

Peel off the protective film, place the sticker on the surface, then press the entire sticker firmly for optimal adhesion.

Personalized stickers can be delivered within 14 days after signing the order form.

Our team will assist you in English, German and French, to best meet your needs.

Contact us via our form on the site, by telephone or by email for any technical or commercial questions.

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